Old School Takes a Hit: Look Who Has a Smartphone

The view from my New York City hotel room - taken with my new iPhone The view from my New York City hotel room – taken with my new iPhone

It’s finally happened. I have been dragged kicking and screaming into a new era. I have done what I once said I would never do.

I have joined the majority of the world, and upgraded to a smart phone for the first time.

And although I love the technology, the old schooler in me has taken a hit.

I have brought something into my life that has the potential to complicate it, provide unnecessary convenience, and make things a little too easy. Definitely not the old school way. But I love great tools that I know I’ll use. And right now I’m excited about this one.

Why? Benefit number one recently: I’m traveling, alone in a New York City hotel room. Despite the insanely comfortable bed, I can’t sleep. It’s 4AM. And I’m writing this post – on my iPhone. Talk about a game changer.

I can write from anywhere, at anytime. If there’s a post idea floating around in my head, I can put it down right then and there. I now have the technology. And it, to me, is crazy.

I also need it for business. In the past, I missed important emails from prospects and customers because I couldn’t get them on the fly. A smartphone changes all that.

I have softened from all of my bluster from before. I do appreciate the fact that I can now listen to any music, watch any video, and search any site of my choosing. With this, I have to be careful not to be one of the many mobile phone addicts and abusers that I see around me.

The number of times that a preoccupied screen watcher (or scroller) has almost walked right into me are starting to add up. The number of drivers on the opposite side of the road, all looking down at their phones? It’s scary to me. These days, defensive driving is a requirement.

As you might guess, buying this phone was stepping way out of my comfort zone. Regular readers will know that I’m firmly stuck in the old school, trying to keep things simple and inexpensive. Treading the path that my grandparents paved.

I will give you my word. I promise not to be “obnoxious cell phone guy”. You know that guy.

I will give you my undivided attention when I am with you. I will always keep the ability to put the phone down, and stay in the real world. The smart phone will not become a substitute for the relationship.

The old school has taken a hit. I have joined yet another club where the comfortable and overly convenient reside. I get more “modern” with each passing day.

Old school has a new tool. And I can use it to spread the message even further.

How about it? Are you a smart phone addict? Or is it just another useful part of your life? Let us know in the comment section below.

6 thoughts on “Old School Takes a Hit: Look Who Has a Smartphone

  1. I also recently went to the Dark Side, Joe. Three days later, the phone was submerged in agua (I will spare you the dirty details.) Miraculously, it still works, minus having to turn it off for it to charge…but I’m not picky😆. My favorite feature is this annoying app 😈👅 that gives you fun emojis to add to your posts. So congrats on your new📱, enjoy listening to your own🎶the next time you are staying in🗽 at a🏢, and that you make a lot of💰 at work now that you can see you emails💻 while traveling. I’m glad you are not going to turn into ‘that’ 👨 guy.

    1. Beautifully done, Maria. Without question, the most visually creative comment on my blog to date. I’ll have to learn to do this myself!

  2. Hey, Old School 😉 I consider it a win if I can go into a room without the iPhone … or do something without checking it every five minutes. The other day while at the office, I took a walk and promised myself I wouldn’t look at the phone while out, but within 10 minutes I was answering a text and almost ran into a street sign 😉 See what these things do to you.

    1. I’m doing well right now not checking it too often. I understand the temptation always being there, though. And it does get dangerous – some poor girl almost fell down the stairs in our office building cause she was looking at her phone. Glad you didn’t come away with any lumps or black and blues yourself. 🙂

  3. Everyone in my (immediate) family has an iPhone, but we use them “old school.” At least, my kids do around me. No phones at the dinner table, no texting each other when we’re face-to-face, no watching videos to the exclusion of others in the room. The Bible has it right: For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under Heaven. Our phones have a purpose–to make our lives easier, not to replace good manners or human interactions. Used with prudence, the smartphone can be a smart addition to life. They were smart additions for our family. They helped with work and school, and they are great for social reasons, too. We just don’t let them get in our way.

    1. Perfect comment, Staci! Yes, I want the phone and the apps to make my life easier – but not too easy. And I’m with you as far as phones at the table. Definite no-no. Manners are so easy to ignore when you have a smartphone. Get the tech, but stay classy, right?

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