Best Job Title Ever – Father

IMG_3678Fathers’ Day will come and go, celebrated in a whirlwind of sunshine, breakfast on the deck, poolside cocktails, and a game of pitch and catch. As the years go by, and they go by rather quickly, I become more entrenched in the title of “father” or “Dad.” It has become my favorite line of work.

I’m grateful for many things in this life. When my wife had a little scare with her health, I was grateful that it wound up, in the end,  being nothing to worry about.

I feel gratitude for having so much time with my grandparents in their time on this Earth, especially my grandmother. We shared many cups of coffee over the years.

My life is what it is because of what they taught me as well. You know, enjoy the simple things in life, don’t stress too much, and forget about keeping up with the Joneses of the world. Good advice.

I’m grateful for the music too. Sounds that are constantly in my head, ringing in my ears, providing the soundtrack to life. Whether it was an old Sinatra standard blasting from an transistor radio in the house on 14th Street, or a song by Muse playing on my daughter’s iPod, it has been forty plus years of enjoying some really amazing sounds.

More than anything, I’m happy to be Dad. As I said, it’s my favorite job.  And my most important.

I took on this line of work on a ferociously hot day in late June 1995, when my daughter was born. Since that morning in the hospital, I’ve never looked back. I knew when I held her close to me, she would be the most important thing I would ever be a part of.

IMG_2681When my son was born five years later, he became part two of “my most important work to date.”

Now, they’re getting older, growing up way too quickly, and the work is becoming complicated. When you think you have a handle on what you’re doing as a parent, monkey wrenches appear from everywhere, and you realize you don’t know much. But you keep doing the work, and gain knowledge as you go forward. There are always new things to learn.

I was a guy who, at one time, felt there was no problem to be consumed by his job. The work. Whatever “nine to five” I was doing. But I smartened up, looking at the work as a means to an end, that glorious paycheck, and try to get really good at the important jobs. Job titles that include husband and…father.

When Gabrielle was born, at the time I wasn’t doing just a job. I was working in the family business, a restaurant where I managed the bar and spent the majority of my days tending it, serving the customers who would become, over the years, my friends. It was what I loved to do, and couldn’t see myself doing anything else.

But the days and nights at work were long, and they took me away from my little girl. To have more time at home, I gave up what I loved to do, and got a “real job” (Real? The concept of corporate jobs as being “real” is strictly a myth).

I gave up the restaurant business, a way of life that was important to me. But I gave it up for much more important work, a partnership with my wife with the job title of parent. Father. The fringe benefits are more than excellent.

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10 thoughts on “Best Job Title Ever – Father

  1. our children are so blessed to have such a thoughtful and cool guy to be their Dad. Both of our children have many reflections of you, Gabrielle is a talented writer and Joey’s love of baseball is all you. thankyou for being my childrens father and my “one”.

      1. Oh, you both… You make me miss my husband so much!

        Nice one here, Joe. Obviously, you’re so good at fatherhood. Lucky kids – and wife!

        Keep posting!

      2. Thanks for the kind comment, Ruzanne, I appreciate it. Most of the time I think I’m the lucky one!!

  2. Hey Joe,

    I loved this! As a father, I too find that “father” is the best job title in the world. I will say, however, that mom’s are the best of the two of us…but we definitely serve a purpose! 🙂

    You know, as a kid all I wanted to be was a dad. I wanted to give my kids, what I always wanted. I have a dad, and have a great relationship with him, but there were years when he had certain struggles that basically amounted to him only being a big promising factory, but never manufacturing his promises into reality.

    So when my daughter was born in 2003, only months after graduating from college – I turned my selfish life in to a selfless one. And through the blessings of the man upstairs, I’ve been living my dream ever-since.

    I’m so honored to have 3 kids!


    1. Jk, I have the same experiences with my Dad. We’re very close, I go over to his house 2 or 3 times a week for coffee, and I worked with him in the family biz for a long time. But when I was a kid, he was always at the restaurant. I didn’t see him much back then. I remembered that when Gabrielle was born, and for two years I followed the same cycle. That’s why eventually, I quit it. No job, no matter how much I loved it, could come close to the time I wanted to spend with my young daughter!

  3. This was such a wonderful post Joe. I loved it man, and like you, I clearly agree that ‘father’ is my greatest job title, and one that should be embraced as such. What’s interesting is that I was graduating high school in June of 1995, and you were becoming a dad– pretty cool.

    Again, beautifully done my friend and this is something your kids will read in the future and derive sense a gratitude that will be well worth. 🙂


    1. Marcus, I like the idea of my kids being able to read these posts years from now to get an idea of the inner workings of their father. They know how I feel now because it’s always on display, but if they ever forget, some of these posts can always serve as a reminder for them.

      Class of ’95 huh? Well I’m not THAT MUCH older than you ha ha. You may not have been a father then, but you had the potential…

  4. Joe – Very well said. “when my daughter was born. Since that morning in the hospital, I’ve never looked back. I knew when I held her close to me, she would be the most important thing I would ever be a part of.” – I know what you mean.

    1. Thank you sir. I’m glad you stopped by, and hope you come back…there’s more where this came from!

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