Hi, My Name Is Joe. And I’m Addicted To Food.

My wife and I indulge in a guilty pleasure each morning before we leave for work. Nope, it’s not what you’re thinking. This little slice of sin that we partake of is seeing what senseless drivel NBC is promoting on the TODAY Show.

I will give credit when it is due. At times, the show will have a story that is riveting and inspiring, like the one about the late Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn. But, for the most part, I think a lot of what TODAY offers is, to be kind, less than stellar.

It’s like that train wreck that you shouldn’t look at, but you can’t turn away.

What the show seems to specialize in is turning the spotlight on people who do things that are stupid and/or detrimental to their lives, and then refuse to take responsibility for it. For that, you get the reward of an interview with Matt and Ann.

One of this week’s features was “food addiction”. You know, the type of addiction that happens with drugs and alcohol, but with burgers and fries instead.

It was, in a word, awesome. It detailed the life story of a woman who said she tried all kinds of diets, and always struggled with certain types of food. She was addicted to it. She finally opted for surgery as a last resort to lose weight. No mention of attempting a  healthy lifestyle, vegetables, walking, exercise, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Just diets (which ultimately fail: lifestyle change = success) and surgery.

I will say, I did empathize. Because I think I’m addicted too.

You heard me right. My name is Joe. And I may have a food addiction.

My drug of choice is Italian food. When I’m not eating it, I’m talking about it with a friend or a co-worker. If I’m not talking about it, I’m probably thinking about it. Or I’m watching my wife cook it. Sometimes, I cook it. I’ve just begun, within the last couple of years, to take a serious interest in what happens in the kitchen. And I’m not bad at it.

I make a mean tomato sauce. And I do some other things very well too.

Yup, say words like marinara, carbonara, puttanesca, cannoli…you may as well be on a street corner, whispering “Hey, pal…you want some of this?”

We all have our issues. I’ve certainly had my struggles with food. When I was a kid, I was the pudgy pre-teen that was an easy target for the occasional cruel comment or joke. I did what I needed to do, taking responsibility for myself, to take that weight off. Back then, I used inspiration from Sly Stallone’s breakthrough project to possibly save my life.

Back when I was a kid, there was no such thing as a frivolous lawsuit against a restaurant you thought made you fat because they put a gun against your head and forced you to super size the fries. Nope, that phrase “personal responsibility” reared its ugly head.

Almost one in three people are obese at this point in our country, and there seems to be some confusion as to why it happens, and what can be done about it. In the battle for the title of most obese nation, America’s the champ. Were number one…

Although weight loss tips may not apply to everybody (read: don’t post an angry comment here on how your glands don’t allow you to lose weight–I’m covering all my bases), some very simple but time tested principles will always work when trying to drop some lbs and get in better shape.

Want some tips from a former fat guy on how to lose weight and keep it off? Sweet. Stop by for the next post to get the “skinny” 🙂 To make sure you don’t miss it, just subscribe already. I won’t spam you, offer you a free e-book (yet), or try to sell you anything other than the advantages of putting some Old School principles into your hectic, short attention span, modern life.

My grandmother and grandfather showed them to me. So I know they’re right.

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16 thoughts on “Hi, My Name Is Joe. And I’m Addicted To Food.

  1. Hey Joe,

    Enjoyed this post and I really have passion for what is to come next – with the weight loss help. I’ve never been overweight but I have this special place in my heart for those that don’t have the discipline to be more healthy.

    At some point, when I have the time, I’m going to dedicate some time to this cause – helping people turn their lives around on a physical level. I really want to focus on the pre-teen to young adult crowds.


    I love Italian food. Yes sir – we have this place in Denver called Magiano’s and they have this rigatoni to die for! I love that stuff!

  2. Hey Joe, what a post!
    Most other addicts can give up and abstain from the thing they are addicted to. It’s not the case with Food. I have a food addiction too and this is possibly the first time I have admitted it in public – thankfully no one knows me here… 😉

    Good luck with your posts, you could help a lot of people. You should be applauded not berated

    1. Hey Sarah,
      If I get berated by anyone, I’ll just drown my sorrows in marinara sauce. I’ll just make sure not to drive.

      Thanks for the comment and for subscribing. You have just joined an elite group! 😉

  3. actually on most mornings we tune into Lidia’s Italy on PBS at 730 . we drink Italian coffee like Gram made ( what the Starbuck generation calls espresso) . it is the best part of the morning. thanx for making me a nice italian girl.


  4. Joe, Jews have a thing with food too. Every one of our holidays is tied into a meal and a little prayer: “They tried to kill us. They lost. We won. Let’s eat.”

    I have a couple of pounds that I want to lose but it is my doing. I can’t blame anyone other than my own hands and mouth for this and it irks me when others can’t just step up to the plate. We all have things we need to take responsibility for and our health is one of them.

    1. Hey Jack,
      I’m not in the best shape I want to be in, but I’m working on it. It was a lot easier to get in shape when I was young because all I had to do was school. But now the responsibilities are there. Job, family, kids activities, etc. Sometimes a work out has to be squeezed in at the end of the day after everything else. I walking around at about 205lbs, so I’d like to shed 5 or 10. Maybe a future post…

  5. Joe,

    Not sure if you ever watched the show, “Rescue Me,” but it was one of my favorite shows. One of my best characters, Lou was seriously addicted to food. Even with heart problems he was trying to sneak donuts. He was a character addicted to donuts 🙂

    But Italian food. Forgetaboudit! Pasta and tomato sauce, I’m in!

    I’ve had a similar struggle. As I mentioned in one of my posts, I was a chubby kid, so can certainly relate. But I now have things in order due to exerise and diet. I do love pasta like you, but try to keep it to no more than twice a week. I gave up on potato chips. Quit them, but Italian food. I ain’t given’ up my pizza! I make my own too.

    Looking forward to your next post!

    1. Craig, the addiction my wife and I both have as far as a TV show was “Rescue Me”. Love. That. Show. We were disappointed to see it end, but the way Lou’s struggle with food tied in to the hilarious finale was impressive. It was one of the only shows I watch, so now I have some additional free time…

      Did you see the episode where Lou was dating the nun? Best line in TV history from Denis Leary: “What is she, in the nun National Guard? The bride of Christ one weekend a month?”

      1. My wife and I felt the same way. Don’t watch much, but never miss(ed) Mad Men, Breaking Bad and Rescue Me. Very sad to see it end, but the final was hilarious, especially the Sean Garrity scene 🙂

        Watched every episode. That is a great line! And Lou … with a nun … AND a call girl 🙂 too funny. Leary and Tolan sure had a talent for combining drama and comedy, didn’t they? I wonder if they have a project in the works?

  6. Love it, this me laugh because all of us DeGiorgio’s love food.I was just talking about this at work today, sitting around our breakfast table. I said I give up, I just have to eat it , IT TASTES SO GOOD! This is one of life’s little pleasures.

    Thanks for making me laugh
    Your Little Sister

    1. Oh my God how lucky we are to be part of this family, and to have had all of these great cooks around us. Remember Gram and her “Mangia Mangia!”

  7. Hahaha, love it Joe. So when I come speak in Philly one of these days, we are going to get together for some Italian food and chit chat, right??

    And btw, what is ‘personal responsibility’? I’ve never heard that phrase before. 😉

    Thanks for keeping it real my friend!


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